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Handcrafts / African Attire Export Company Nairobi Kenya

Through the spirit of creativity and innovation, Great Global Company has mastered the art of mobilizing craftsmen across rural kenya nwith aim of empowering them with entrepreneurial capacity inspired by quality of their craft. Each of Kenya’s 42 communities has unique handicrafts. All such handicrafts represent pathways to millions of dollars. This is the unique strength that Great Global Company has exploited for the advantage of the Kenya woman and youth.

Handicrafts production in Kenya has been small scale, cultural, traditional and predominantly a cottage industry, engaged in by youth of both gender but largely by women, with small range focus supplementing household incomes. This has created an impression to the industry as small and subsistence, hence economically unviable. This negative branding has largely limited scope of growth of the industry within a unit time.

This is in contrast with the raising demand of the African artifacts and attires abroad. It is for this reason that Great Global Company has come in handy to create the ‘Big picture’ perspective in the industry. We have succeeded in this through:
• Capacity building where more youth and women with passion for the skill are trained by the skilled workmanship to create more capacity for the workmanship. As well training the craftsmen and women on importance of financial management, saving, budgeting and investment through Stima Investment Society.
• Through ‘She Trades’ Program and AWEP- Kenya, we are venturing in increasing visibility of the artisans connecting them with buyers, potential investors, suppliers and business support organizations across Kenya and abroad.
• Through regional and international buyer-seller trade fairs, we assist the artisans and related entrepreneurs to venture into commercial production which by economies of scale, more returns per unit production is realized.

Some of the products with striking demand both within Africa and abroad are;
- Human scultures.
- The Big Five carvings.
- Functional carvings.
- Masks and ornaments.
- Master carvings.
- Decorative carvings.
- Customized carvings.

For African attires, we specialize mainly with African kitenges.