Avacado crude oil producer Nairobi Kenya Africa

Avacado Crude Oil Exporter Nairobi Kenya Africa

Great Global is one of the leading producers of avocado crude oils and avocado pharmaceutical products in Kenya. It is important to indicate that Great Global avocados are sourced from organically grown technology hence high quality products. After extraction, the product is packaged for export markets.

Avocado oils can either be;
• Refined / Food grade
• Extra virgin oil
• Nutritional products
• Beauty products

Great Global specializes on production of the extra virgin oil over refined. After packaging and branding, the product is exported to European markets, America and Middle East. This oil is unrefined and it is the highest quality available in the markets. It has high flavor content, a superior and butterfly taste of avocado aroma over refined oils. It has a lot of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory lacking in refined oils. It’s not altered by temperature or treated with chemicals.

Great Global virgin oil processing process.
The production process - Avocado oil is obtained from the fruit of the pulp of the avocado. The oil extraction is done in five main stages focused on maintaining both nutritive and physical quality.

I. Fruit Washing
They are washed in two stages; They are immersed in water to remove dust from the surface, A repeat wash by showering them with a jet system working as water dripping.

II. De-stoning and De-skinning
In this stage, the fruit is taken to a de-stoning machine where 90% of the skin and pips are separated from the pulp. The quality we are looking for determines the extent to which the skin is separated from the pulp. Skin separation needs to be calibrated according to the desired quality The amount of skin that’s processed into the mash will affect the composition and color of the avocado oil hence an avenue for color variations of the final products. Care is taken not to vary the colors.

III. Mash Preparation
After the fruits are de- skinned, the pulp is pumped into a disc crusher, which rotates at 1400 rpm (rotations per minute). The mash is then conveyed at the center and sprayed to the periphery by a toothed disc. r> IV. Thermal Conditioning and Kneading
The mash is moved into kneading machines by pumping mechanism where it is stirred slowly continuously at a monitored temperature. The kneading process causes small oil drops to be released. The small oil drops then merge into bigger drops that can easily be separated by a process known as centrifugal extraction.

V. Extraction and Purification of the oil
Inside the centrifuge system, the mash is separated into three components solids, vegetation water and oil (exhausted pulp and residual skin). A decanter centrifuge is used to separate the oil from the solid and liquid phases. The cold pressed avocado oil flowing from the decanter will have some degree of water and solids. The oil phase and the water phase are collected separately under the decanter.

The oil phase is sent to a vertical purifier centrifuge where residual water is removed by pumping them out through vertical concentrator centrifuge. The solids are also removed. From experience, we have noted that the characteristics of avocado fruits can change depending on multiple variables like; Variety, ripeness stage, geographical area, fruit humidity are some of main factors that affect extraction rates and the final quality of Cold Pressed Avocado Oil. (CPAO).

VI. Branding and Packaging
Our oils only come in dark glass bottles or cans. This keeps out light and oxygen and prevent the oil from turning rancid. Rancidity in oils creates unpleasant odour and acrid taste which are high in free radicals which are predisposing factors of diseases as well as aging. As well, Plastic or PET bottles allow oxygen diffusion into the oil, and may also leach endocrine-disruptive phthalates. This is why extra virgin oil from Great Global is known for its high preserved nutritive value.

Avocado fruit has many health benefits;

1. They are an essential source of good cholesterol.
2. Used in cosmetics in manufacture of facial and air oil- Avocado oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that moisturize and boost ability of the skin to generate stronger cells
3. Also used as a detox – its chlorophyll content rich in magnesium helps in removing heavy metals from the body.
4. They are high in protein and mineral content, compared to animal protein.
5. Economically, they are good source of income

Kenyans are gradually embracing the significance of living a healthy lifestyle by cooking their food using oils that contain very few calories. This is the reason why avocado extra virgin oil from Great Global Company is rapidly gaining popularity in Kenya. Avocados are a perennial crop that could be processed into valuable avocado oil for export, which has opened new markets for Kenyan rural community.